studio BE is pleased to offer a variety of yoga and meditation practices to help calm your nerves and soothe your spirit during this unprecedented time.

Join Rachel for this 40-minute all-levels flow inspired by today’s Earth Day celebrations. We’ll warm up with Sun Salutation variations and then move through Tree (naturally!), Half Moon, Parsvottanasana in Reverse Namaskar, several Salabhasana and Navasana variations, and a final backbend before winding down with reclining twists, Paschimottanasana, and Upavishta Konasana. Please take time for a final seated meditation and savasana to close.

Let your breath drive your practice, feel free to modify (especially if you're pregnant, recovering from an injury, or new to yoga), skip vinyasas for a more mellow practice, and crank up some favorite background tunes.

Most importantly, remember to be gentle with yourself — and don't take yourself (or your yoga practice) too seriously.

Rachel Meyer is an American writer and yoga teacher based in Switzerland. She serves as Vice President of studio BE, a wellness company which offers mindfulness training for the 21st-century workplace. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, On Being, Yoga Journal, Tricycle, Yoga International, Parents, HuffPost, and more. You can find her at or @rachelmeyeryoga.