Having participated in a number of live classes on studio BE, I can attest to the fact that it takes a little bit of planning, and that it is so worth it!

1. Check the schedule the night before (or in the morning) and commit to a class. The schedule is posted on Facebook, Instagram, and on the website. Take a few minutes to figure out what you’re in the mood for and what will fit in your day. Sometimes, I need to calm down and focus with quick meditation or to exercise my creativity with a mindful floral design class. On the weekends, I have enough time to dive into an hour-long yoga class.

2. Invite a friend/relative/colleague to join you. Not only does this make you commit to the class even more, it’s fun to connect with another studio BE member at a class, especially if it’s someone you haven’t seen in a while.

3. Make sure your device is charged. studio BE live classes can be experienced on phones, computers, and iPads and are best enjoyed via Chrome. Make sure your device is ready to go or that you’re near an outlet so your battery doesn’t die mid-class.

4.  Get ready. I found that if I set my alarm for 10 minutes before the class begins, I have plenty of time to change, fill my water bottle, set out my mat, gather my supplies or find a comfortable spot, and simply get in the space to commit to myself for a nice pause in my day.

5. Tune out distractions and enjoy the class. You’ve carved out these moments of mindfulness for yourself. Be sure to turn off your phone and ask your co-workers/kids/partners not to disturb you for a short time — and pets, too!

6. Log In. I like to log into the class two minutes before it begins. I’ll say hi to the instructor and figure out if it’s better to keep my camera on or off. For meditation classes, I usually turn it off. For movement classes, however, I leave the camera on. It’s amazing how the studio BE instructors are so experienced that they are able to notice areas that you need to adjust  just through the video and cue you appropriately. For mindful living classes, I definitely leave the camera on. The instructors are approachable and have been able to answer my questions.

7. Stay on for a few moments at the end of class. The instructors often have a bit of wisdom to share or I’ve enjoyed just saying “hi” and getting to know them across time and space.

Happy practicing!

Guest post by studio BE Director of Outreach Paula Chaiken

Feature photo by Good Studio/Adobe Stock