There's a place deep inside your heart where you can “BE love.”

Often in life we experience sadness and loss, and this can hurt; it feels as though our hearts are literally broken. But our physical hearts can never really break. We may start to build walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from getting hurt again, preventing us from showing our emotions. This can often hold us back from experiencing love in many ways.

studio BE facilitator Regina Kerschbaumer has developed a nourishing workshop designed to allow the love to come back into your heart, to break down emotional walls, to fill all the cracks and to help heal your broken pieces.

Join Regina for this 2 1/2 hour workshop beginning with 90 minutes of Yin Yoga to create space in the chest and activate the heart meridians. We will focus on Yin yoga poses to open the heart, shoulders and chest. During savasana we’ll relax into the deeper healthier states of mind with a 30 minute hypnosis session to “Let love in."

Why is the topic important?

Kindness and compassion start with ourselves. We can only love another person to the degree we love ourselves.

Why did you choose to offer this?

February is the month of Love, after all — the perfect time to start to fall in love with your own heart. Oftentimes the last person to whom we give love is ourselves. Much of the time we are our own biggest critics. Everybody needs to love themselves a little bit more, in a tender, compassionate, and kind way.

What will people learn?

You'll learn to let go of the inner critic, and to forgive yourself for the times you neglected yourself. You'll practice accepting and appreciating yourself. And you'll be reminded that you are enough to love and to be loved.

Start to celebrate yourself again!

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Guest post by studio BE Facilitator Regina Kerschbaumer.

Regina Kerschbaumer moved to England in the early 90's (originally born and raised in South Africa) and currently lives in South London. She found yoga for the first time in 1996 — or shall we say, "it found her." She has been a bodyworker for more than thirty years, including over 1500 hours of certified yoga training, in addition to being a qualified Hypnotherapist.⁠

Regina realized her true calling as a Yin teacher when she participated in her first Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Paul Grilley in 2006. She felt she had discovered the "link" between her knowledge of human anatomy, reflexology, meridian therapy and yoga. She feels blessed to further her training directly under the world’s leading Yin Yoga teachers, Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers and Anodea Judith.⁠

Apart from her love for her family, dog, cat, cooking, and fashion: Regina's real passions in life are yoga and its philosophy, culture and travel. She annually shares her knowledge and love of yoga with her students on week-long yoga holidays in Greece, India, Morocco, Spain and South Africa.⁠

Regina's intention is to inspire her students, to help them to awaken, heal and restore their physical bodies, connecting to their own inner wisdom, strength and power.⁠

She encourages her students to modify and adapt their poses, to work with their individual abilities while using visualization to delve deeply into the chakras and meridian channels within their bodies. Regina's unique teaching style brings together student and teacher in an atmosphere of fun and well-being, empowering all levels to participate. This allows them to explore the relationships between mind, body and breath enabling stillness in their practices.⁠

Feature photo via Regina Kerschbaumer