How are you?

Really — I mean it. I want to know.

How are you?

I realize that I ask you this question in the context of a global pandemic, heightened civil and social unrest, and a heated political climate.

These days, when I ask how you are, there's a new level of urgency and concern attached.

The last eight months have been very hard for me — for you — for all of us. Even in asking, I acknowledge this.

When I ask how you are, I ask in a comprehensive way. I'm wondering most about the state of your well-being. I am asking about all of you.

Here at studio BE, we're deeply committed to your well-being. For us, well-being consists of five facets. Each is important on its own and all five are interdependently related.

These are:

Far too often, many of us hyper-focus on one area of well-being.

For example, in America it's common to place high emphasis on our physical wellness over the other facets of who we are. When we do this, we forget to remember that the condition and the health of the physical body is greatly impacted by our cognitive and emotional health, the state of our relationships, and our work challenges.

I can focus all my efforts on being physically well, but if I don’t take care of the other facets of who I am, I cannot enjoy the sense of physical well-being I'm seeking.

Tending to each area of our well-being in even the smallest ways can have a monumental impact.

There is nothing better than feeling the vitality associated with knowing that I have spent a bit of time each day taking care of all of me. Isolate any one of these facets of well-being and see how each affects and is affected by the other. In this way, we're a living, breathing ecosystem of sorts. When I proactively tend to each area of my well-being—all of me can thrive.

Last spring, when COVID-19 sent many of us home for work and school and forced companies to decide how and if they could continue, studio BE decided to re-imagine itself. This re-imagination process meant looking at who we “were,” facing the reality of the impact of COVID-19, and opening to a willingness to re-imagine who we might become.

A few conversations led us to the launch of a stunning new virtual platform featuring teachers from around the globe offering a wide array of teachings dedicated to supporting your comprehensive well-being. Students and platform visitors can find creative, holistic ways to nurture and support their physical, cognitive, emotional, relational and professional well-being.

For example: a wide array of movement practices including yoga and dance are available to support you physically. Meditation can do wonders for enhancing and strengthening your cognitive capacities. Other practices on the platform support us in cultivating emotional steadiness, which is invaluable to those of us challenged by anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and fear. A short course in Conscious Parenting or a workshop on Mindful Intimacy can help us to better tend to and to prioritize our dearest bonds. And finally, our effectiveness at work can be greatly enhanced when we explore studio BE offerings specially developed to address our professional growth and development.

Participate in a 60-minute yoga class, or a 7-minute guided meditation, or a short tutorial on how to sleep better. Take a short office yoga class, or sign up for a 4-week course that will help you to more consciously navigate parenting. Tune into a live class that pairs yin yoga with essential oils. Whatever direction you take once inside studio BE's virtual space, you can rest confidently in the knowledge that you are dedicating life-giving time to your well-being.

So — how are you?

We really want to know. And we want to support you. That's why we're here.

Join us for a complimentary 14-day experience in our new virtual platform.

Wander around; have fun. Experience our teachers — their expertise, compassion, and genuine care for all of who you are. Dive into new ways of moving, breathing, thinking, resting, loving, working, and being.

We know the last six months have been hard. And we care.

Our new virtual space was designed with you in mind.

Come as you are. And welcome home.

Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger is Vice President of Development and Lead Trainer of Emotional Intelligence and Conscious Communication for studio BE.

Feature photo by Marina Zlochin/Adobe Stock