On Friday November 23rd we were honored to host a live conversation with racial equity strategist, antiracism trainer, and 500-hour yoga teacher Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed.

Dr. Abdul-Majeed joined us for a powerful conversation about racism, social justice, mindfulness, yoga philosophy and more with studio BE Vice President Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger.

Dr. Monea is leading a free webinar about authentic antiracist leadership on Friday, December 11th. Register here.

In case you missed it, you can watch our whole conversation here:

Dr. Monea Abdul-Majeed is a racial equity strategist, antiracism trainer, and 500-hour certified yoga teacher. She leads organizations and wellness spaces to racial equity through training and strategy via her 3 R approach: reflection, relationships, and resilience.

Dr. Abdul-Majeed has over 19 years of experience in organizational leadership, statistical analysis, training, project management, professorship, non-profit work, and community engagement. She received her bachelor’s degree in sociology and politics from Washington and Lee University in 2004. In 2010, she earned her doctoral degree in Sociology and Political Science from Howard University, where her concentration was Social Inequality (Race, Gender, and Ethnicity) and Urban Sociology. Her dissertation title was, “A Historical Materialist Analysis of the Shifts in African American Family Formation, 1960-2008.”

She was a federal government employee at the U.S. Census Bureau from 2001-2016. During her tenure there, she worked in many different areas including Ancestry and Ethnicity, Workforce Development, Job Rotation, Organizational Climate, Poverty and Health Insurance Estimates, and Risk Management. She earned her Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. While at the Census Bureau, Dr. Monea earned the Bronze Award, which is the highest award given, for her work on the Small Area Health Insurance Estimates and Small Area Poverty Estimates data collections. She also served as the Project Manager for the organization's first organizational climate survey.

She has been a professor at Montgomery Community College in Maryland, Trinity Washington University, Penn State York, and HACC. Dr. Monea has taught Introduction to Sociology, The Family, Urban Sociology, Research Methodology, Work and Society, Antiracist Education, and Research Writing.

Dr. Monea is a 500 hour certification in the Vinyasa style of yoga. She has been a dedicated student of yoga for 16 years and uses her knowledge of mindfulness to inform her racial justice work. A D.C. Native, she currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, Musa Abdul-Majeed, and their three children.

Thanks so much for joining us, Dr. Monea! It was wonderful to learn from you.