On Friday August 13th we were honored to host a live conversation with Durga Leela, Ayurvedic and yoga therapy specialist and the founder of Yoga of Recovery.

Durga Leela joined us online for an authentic conversation about addiction, recovery, yoga, healing, Ayurveda, and more with studio BE Content & Curriculum Specialist Jyothi Behne.  

In case you missed it, you can watch the whole conversation here:

Durga Leela is an Ayurvedic and Yoga Therapy Specialist and the founder of Yoga of Recovery, a comprehensive program that integrates Ayurveda and yoga with recovery tools for those affected by addiction and self-destructive behaviors. She teaches a holistic approach to recovery, integrating mind, body, and spirit. She overcame her own struggles with addiction and is a grateful member of 12-step fellowships for over 21 years.  

Learn more at www.yogaofrecovery.com, and follow on FB and IG @yogaofrecovery.  

Thanks for chatting with us, Durga Leela! We loved hosting you.

Feature image by Mariia Korneeva/Adobe Stock