On Friday, October 1st we were delighted to host a live conversation with studio BE co-founders Jennifer Ciarimboli and Sara Crolick in honor of the one-year anniversary of our virtual studio launch.    

Jenn and Sara joined us online for a down-to-earth chat about start-up life, creativity, mindful business practices, purpose, and being a woman-led company.

In case you missed it, you can watch the whole conversation here:  

Suffering from burnout after nearly a decade in corporate sales, Jennifer Ciarimboli walked away from her career and her successes to transform her life.

She embarked on a journey of deep study, training with world-renowned experts in yoga, the teachings of the Buddha, spiritual inquiry, and mindfulness meditation, opening her heart and mind to a new way of serving the world.  

Jennifer recognized that if she had access to mindfulness meditation years ago, she might have been better able to manage stress — and from this insight, studio BE was born.    

In partnership with operations guru and writer extraordinaire Sara Crolick, who brought years of hands-on start-up experience in the mindfulness realm, Jennifer launched studio BE in January 2019.    

studio BE specializes in cultivating well-being via mindfulness and mindfulness-based practices — including meditation, psychological inquiry, body integration, breathwork, and other alternative modalities — taught both on-site and virtually.  

The goal of the company is simple: to reduce suffering in the world. This is achieved by helping individuals cultivate their own inner resources, resulting in happier, more resilient people. When these practices are embraced wholeheartedly within organizational culture, it opens the door to unlimited potential for better connection, deeper trust, and renewed creativity.    

This is the new face of the 21st-century workplace.

Feature image via Viktor/Adobe Stock