On Friday, October 9th we were honored to welcome former BBC presenter, leadership coach, and motivational speaker Sahera Chohan.

Sahera joined us for a fascinating live conversation about the re-release of her partner Nigel Watts's prescient book Twenty Twenty, emotional intelligence, indigenous wisdom, mental health, the importance of connection and more with studio BE Facilitator Olivia Clarke.

In case you missed it, you can watch our whole conversation here:

Sahera Chohan is an inspiring and dynamic leadership consultant, facilitator, executive coach, author, blogger, motivational speaker and former broadcaster for BBC Television & Radio.

Sahera has 25 years’ experience working with individuals and teams in a wide range of private and public sector organizations in many cultures, including Europe, US, India, Pakistan and Latin America. With a focus on emotional intelligence, she helps her clients to transform performance and increase productivity through transforming their attitude.

She partners with a variety of consultancies to deliver leadership, management, sales and customer services programs, and coaches executives in a variety of multi-national businesses. Her own clients include NHS England, Nuffield Health, Pearson, Aviva Insurance & The Joint Council for Qualifications UK, where she runs leadership, strategy, team and resilience programs.

Sahera is currently writing her first book, Life Lessons – Through the Grit to the Pearl. She curates a blog entitled Courage to Connect.

Previously, Sahera was a broadcaster for BBC Television and Radio, alongside running her own production company, OneVision Productions, which produced programs for BBC Television.

Twenty Twenty, written by the admired author, Nigel Watts is a blueprint for 2020 that was originally published in 1995 by Hodder and Stoughton, which eerily and accurately predicts a global pandemic that occurs in the year 2020 causing the world to communicate largely through virtual technology, with people wearing masks, a drastic reduction of air travel leading to virtual tourism, and nature fighting back for its survival due to mankind’s destruction of our planet. Tragically, Watts took his own life in 1999 and now 25 years later, Watts’s widow, former BBC presenter and broadcaster, Sahera Chohan has relaunched this timely and relevant book.

Sahera says: “This April 2020, when Covid-19 was at its peak, I pulled out Nigel’s novel, Twenty Twenty from the bookshelf and knew immediately that I had to relaunch this powerful book and bring it to a new audience. The story could not be more significant and true. Nigel had somehow uncannily predicted our future and now that everyone is spending more time at home, it is the perfect time to read this book — and possibly take a bit of guidance from it and to know how it ends, well, you will need to read the book!”

Thanks so much for joining us, Sahera! It was an absolute joy to learn from you.