On Friday, September 18th we were honored to host international best-selling author, renowned speaker, and "Cancer Whisperer" Sophie Sabbage.

Sophie joined us live for a powerful conversation about awakening, transformation, "life shock" moments, grief and more with studio BE Vice President and lead mindfulness trainer Dr. Christine E. Kiesinger.

In case you missed it, you can watch our whole conversation here:

Sophie Sabbage is the author of three life-transforming books, including Sunday Times best-seller The Cancer Whisperer and her new audiobook Awakenings in the Time of Coronavirus.

A mindset alchemist who has equipped thousands of people to find grace in the grit of life and growth in their most challenging moments, Mrs. Sabbage was the leader of an award-winning business consultancy for twenty years, specializing in culture change and transformative leadership.

She is respected as an outstanding speaker with a global audience, corporate clients and a gift for reading people and cultures. She is also a renowned Stage Four cancer thriver who knows more than most about how to be creative in a crisis and how to find emotional freedom in the midst of the most constraining circumstances.

Most of all: Mrs. Sabbage is a mere mortal who has been to the north and south poles of her resilience to stay alive.

You can learn more about Sophie Sabbage on her website and follow her on social media @sophiesabbage.

Thanks so much for joining us, Sophie! It was a pleasure spending time with you.

Feature photo by Alex/Adobe Stock