On Friday December 4th we were honored to host a live conversation with humanitarian activist and co-director of Breathe International Paula Ramírez.

Paula joined us for a powerful conversation about conflict transformation, privilege, resilience, trauma, mindfulness, and more with studio BE Facilitator Jessica Zambri.

In case you missed the full conversation, you can watch it here:

Paula Ramírez is a Colombian national. While studying Anthropology — and because of an illness — she became curious about the ways in which human beings can build peace from within, and how resilience and healing can be inspired and guided through the body. She began her humanitarian work in India, Nepal, Thailand and Burma working for the Tibetan Government in Exile among others.

Paula has been co-directing Breathe International since 2013, where through mindfulness, somatic body work and anthropology she has worked with teachers in conflict affected areas, survivors of torture, gender-based violence and landmines in Colombia, South Sudan, Iraq, Nigeria, Venezuela and with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh for the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

She has an MA in Conflict Transformation from Javeriana University, is an MBSR teacher from the University of San Diego California, certificate in Somatic Experiencing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator from the Trauma Center, and a faculty teacher in the Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness course by David Treleaven. She participated in the Collective Trauma Healing training by Thomas Hubl, took the first year of Rolfing therapy and is currently doing a training on Intelligent Movement, a Feldenkrais based somatic practice.

Thanks so much for joining us, Paula! It was a pleasure spending time with you.

Feature photo via melita/Adobe Stock