Just a reminder:

You are allowed to choose yourself.

You are allowed to tune out the noise of the world and tune in, instead, to the whispered cacophony of an internal landscape. All those brave parts, speaking up to say “…but please, please, don’t forget about THIS.’

You have permission to NOT react to the thing you’re supposed to react to this week, this day, this minute. Emotion prescribed by media outlets and Hollywood is not a prerequisite for belonging.

You are allowed to walk away from things that no longer allow your heart to bob buoyantly in a sea of hope.

And you’re allowed to disappoint people in the process.

You can say no.

I repeat: you. can. say. no.

You are allowed to close tabs, silence notifications, and ignore texts you know are waiting.

You have full permission to disconnect.

You are allowed to engage in ‘unproductive’ things like a nap, a daydream, or a poorly-written piece of fiction.

You’re allowed to change your mind any damn time you please.

And when you get used to this sacred act of boundary setting—when you break your gaze from the life that’s been scripted on your behalf—be sure to pay attention to the things that feed you from the inside.

Those are the morsels your soul’s been craving and they mark the path to liberation.

Post by studio BE Co-founder and COO, Sara Crolick; originally posted on her instagram account @steadyshegoes.

When she's not busy managing the day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month (and beyond) tasks for her beloved tech start up, parenting three beautiful sons, and being the brightest light to everyone who knows her, Sara squeezes in time for writing—a practice that fills her cup.