In no other season is transformation so abundant. Today begins the spring equinox, the sun rises due east and sets due west for all of us on Earth.  

Today there is equal light and equal dark.

With the arrival of spring, the days will become longer and filled with more light. These extended periods of daylight not only awaken the garden, but offer us the promise of renewal and growth.

As the days warm and winter fades, the leaves of tender bulbs breaking the soil are revealed.  It is the promise of future blooms. Together all over the world we are grasping for promise, the promise for the end of the uncertainty and anxiety, the end of the pandemic. If we lean into nature, spring can offer us the reminder of not only new life, but of impermanence - that this too shall pass.  

Connecting with nature during this time is so vital for our well being. If you are able, go outside! Breathe the crisp cool air, hear the birds sing, lift your face and your heart towards the sun. Let it be a walking mediation to appreciate the abundant beauty of nature.  

Try to bring the spring indoors, especially for those in the city who might not have a direct connection with nature. Spring gives us the gift of blooming branches and flowering bulbs. Go cut the cherry blossom branches and the daffodils, bring them into your home. Or simply buy flowers at the store. Flowers have the power to lift the spirit. During this time when life seems to be on hold, take a moment to appreciate spring’s fleeting beauty and the earth’s renewal.

The tender bulbs that begin to show their color in spring were planted in previous autumns. They needed a period of cold and darkness in order to bloom. A gardener planted the bulbs, looking forward, with only the hope of a future blossom.  

As many of us are faced with social distancing, let this be a time to reflect, celebrate the beauty of the season, and be a reminder that in moments of darkness there is time for each of us to blossom.