Do you have an “inner critic,” a.k.a. the voice in your head that’s always judging you, going off about how you’re never enough, blah blah blah? ⁠

studio BE faculty member Jessica Zambri is right there with you.

In Jessica's experience, pretending these voices don’t exist only makes them louder.⁠

Maybe you, too, have an “inner committee". What would it be like to make friends with it?

Join Jessica for a special music and meditation workshop Sunday, July 25th in which we’ll explore making space for The Inner Committee.

We’ll try listening to each unique voice that shows up (e.g. the one that lacks trust, the one that’s a perfectionist, the one that’s generous, the one that’s fearful, the one that’s fun, the one that’s vain, etc.)

We’ll experiment using sound and music as a way to get to know The Inner Committee with a sense of creativity and compassion.  

What does The Inner Committee sound like? What do the sounds feel like in the body? When we listen, what do we hear? What might be needed now?

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Feature artwork by Noel Heroux