Panicked, I almost called my financial advisor as the stock market went into freefall on Monday.

But I paused and took a breath. Keith didn’t need to hear from me. I’m sure his phone was ringing off the hook and he was concerned enough without having to comfort me.

Besides, my mindfulness practice offered me a number of tools to calm my anxiety about the stock market.

Instead of spinning out into fear, I found a comfortable spot on my couch, set my timer for three minutes and simply closed my eyes and breathed.

Inhale love.

Exhale fear.

Over and over I repeated this mantra in my mind as I breathed.

When the timer chimed, I felt much better, but still worried.

So I took one more minute to envision a positive outcome in my mind.

I buckled into my seat on the roller coaster and soared down the curve, hands in the air, my hair blowing in my face, big, big, smile, enjoying the ride to the bottom. Then the curve started its uphill climb and, in my imagination, I was still smiling, still enjoying the ride.

I’ve been pondering a meditation mantra for this time of uncertainty. I was thinking “buy low, sell high” or “in it for the long term” or “the market always goes up,” but decided on my old standby, “Inhale love. Exhale fear.”

Sending you peace as you ride this roller coaster alongside me. We’ve got your back.

Guest post by studio BE Director of Outreach Paula Chaiken

Feature photo by Markus Spiske