A seed lies in stillness, tucked beneath the soil, waiting for the sun to warm the earth.

Only when the conditions are right does the seed begin to germinate. Every seed to its own, some waiting only days, and others waiting years before their seed coat begins to crack open.

Each seed has had its own journey, some tucked inside a cone fallen down to the forest floor, and others taken miles by the breath of Mother Earth, floating in the wind.  

Seeds are quite mysterious. The size or shape of the seed gives no indication of what it shall become.

Hidden inside every seed is an embryo, a tiny baby plant that sends down roots to anchor itself and sends up a shoot to break through the soil. The seed lives off food stored inside the cotyledon until the shoot reaches the sunlight, when it is then able synthesize its own food.

All of that life-giving potential concealed inside a seed, waiting to unveil the wonder and beauty of nature.

Unlike the wild, where seeds are dispersed by the wind, or the water, or on the back of an unknowing creature, when we garden, we plant seeds with intention.  

Gardening offers us with the opportunity to create and cultivate our own piece of nature. Starting a garden from seed can be very life-affirming.

For children, the abundance of flowers, fruits or vegetables that blooms from an envelope of seeds is almost magical. For an individual healing from trauma, the garden might offer a space of quiet non-judgment. And for all who garden, the sense of pride found in nurturing and caring for a plant from seed to flower is powerful.

The garden remains one of our best teachers, teaching us both patience and persistence.

With our hands dug deep in the soil and our hearts lifted towards the sun, the garden becomes a place of transformation, reshaping both the land and our minds.

Guest post by studio BE faculty member Katie Williams

Katie Williams shares her knowledge of horticulture, garden design and floral artistry to help students create a mindful connection with nature. ⁠

Katie studied business and horticulture at Pennsylvania State University and continued her studies at the New York Botanical Gardens and Flower School New York. She specializes in designing spaces that honor the spirit of place, with a deep understanding that the best gardens are those that are in harmony with nature. ⁠ ⁠

Katie's commitment to sustainability carries over to her work in floral design, growing and designing with seasonal flowers. Katie creates lush and natural arrangements by layering different textures and foliages with blooms at the peak of their beauty. ⁠ ⁠

Whether bringing style into your garden or nature into your home, Katie shares the magic of flowers and their power of connection, bridging the gap between generations and across cultures. ⁠ ⁠

Katie lives in northeastern Pennsylvania on a farm with her husband and four daughters. She is an avid gardener, loves to ride horses and enjoys Bikram yoga.⁠

Feature photo via Yakobchuk Olena/Adobe Stock