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Yoga & Mindfulness for Living Well In Uncertain Times
Sarah Jane Shangraw
Sunday, October 17, 10:30 AM - 12 noon ET
$25 studio BE subscribers; $32 non-subscribers

How is your life now and how are you relating to it? Are you able to access a sense of ease, at least at times? Would you like to antidote overwhelm, cultivate contentment, and rest easy at night? In this workshop, Sarah Jane guides accessible yin yoga and meditation and shares ideas for home-based, self-led practices that will support you in navigating the ever-changing flow of life fluidly, with agency and resilience. All are welcome. All you need to participate is a body, heart, and mind.

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White room with sunlight streaming through large windows and a blue mat on a light wood floor with a small potted tree in the corner.
Join Sarah Jane Shangraw for support in sleeping well. 

Yoga + Yoga Philosophy
Govinda Kai
Sunday, November 14, 11 AM - 12:30 PM ET
$22 studio BE subscribers; $28 non-subscribers

A lively discussion about how Yoga and Yoga Philosophy are essential tools in the uncertain and unsettling times of the pandemic and these rapidly changing times. All are welcome…!

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Photograph of Govinda Kai with sunshine streaming behind him.
Join Govinda Kai to learn about Yoga + Yoga Philosophy in this time of rapid change.