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Sounds of The Inner Committee: Music & Meditation Workshop
Jessica Zambri
Sunday, July 25
7:30-9am PT/10:30am-12pm ET/4:30-6pm CET
$20 studio BE subscribers/$25 non-subscribers

Do you have an “Inner Critic” a.k.a the voice in your head that’s always judging you, going off about how you’re never enough, blah blah blah? If you’re like me, you’ve got an “Inner Committee''! In my mind, pretending these voices don’t exist only makes them louder.

So, what would it be like to make friends with the Inner Committee?

In this workshop, we’ll explore making space for The Inner Committee. We’ll try listening to each unique voice that shows up e.g. the one that lacks trust, the one that’s a perfectionist, the one that’s generous, the one that’s fearful, the one that’s fun, the one that’s vain, etc. We’ll experiment using sound and music as a way to get to know The Inner Committee with a sense of creativity and compassion.

What does The Inner Committee sound like? What do the sounds feel like in the body? When we listen, what do we hear? What might be needed now?

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Artwork by Noel Heroux
Artwork by Noel Heroux

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Module Two
Regina Kerschbaumer
Second Weekends September, October, November
10 AM - 5:30 PM GMT

There are two parts to this Yin Yoga Teacher Training (120hrs RYT). During the second part of the training we explore the – ‘Energy Body’ – connection between the lower and upper body and the Elements.

Module 2: The Energy Body – Upper Body Meridians and Chakra Bioenergetics - every second weekend of the months of:
11 - 12 September – The Water/Fire Element and Personal Chakras (20hrs RYT)
09 - 10 October – The Wood/Fire Element and Interpersonal Chakras (20hrs RYT) 13 - 14 November 2021 – The Earth/Metal Element and Transpersonal Chakras (20hrs RYT)

Certification: 60 hours RYT per Module with Yoga Orchid Yinstitute’s (Yoga Alliance professions certified), further teacher training program.
Investment includes:
Virtual live interaction online or face to face
60hrs RYT further training
A comprehensive 90+ page training manual
Sharing in the 23 years of experience, knowledge and wisdom of senior teacher Regina (student of Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers - 1000+hrs Yin Training)
Free access to studio BE during duration of the course
Access to training videos: Yin Yoga and The Chakras (7) and Chakra Meditation (7)
Investment: £760.00 = £1520 for the full training
Reserve your space with a £350 deposit.

This training is delivered using a modular approach – split between 3 weekend units, once a month, spread over 3 months, so that it can fit around your busy life, family or work schedule. More importantly, it gives you a month – in between – to digest all the information.

Course Content
The Foundations, History and Practice of Yin Yoga
Functional Anatomy – Paul Grilley Method
The 7 Archetypal Poses
The Meridian Sandwich
Skeletal Variations
Meridian Theory
Chakra Theory and Meditation Techniques
Yoga Nidra
Yin against the Wall
Assisted Yin Yoga
Four Yang flows (inspired by Paul and Suzee Grilley) per Module

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