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Mindful Parenting: Sleep! with Mary Esther Malloy
Wednesday, March 3, 11 AM - 12 noon EST

We parent in a society with a strong go-it-alone ethos. But our children are wired for closeness and connection. They need it like air. They need it like food. And so do we. Join me for a mindful parenting workshop that is about connection, investigation, and inspiration at a time in your life when your brain is primed for connection, just like your child's. Topics vary monthly. Meets monthly on first Wednesdays.

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Childbirth Refresher with Mary Esther Malloy
Wednesday, March 3, 7 - 9 PM EST

Prepare for this next baby's arrival with a childbirth refresher in which you get to slow down and focus on the upcoming labor, your older child's transition, and the changes to come to your family and relationship with this new baby.

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Imperfect Thriving: Neuroscience Insights for Challenging Times with Hilde Eiselen and guest teacher Christina Neuhoff

Saturdays March 20 and 27th, 10am-1pm EST / 3-6pm GMT

How can we refuel our batteries when many of our usual ways to do just that have been cut off or restricted for quite a while? How can you live your brave in this world despite Corona-virus, lockdowns, or isolation?

Let us dare to have a look at what is happening under the surface of our brains and bodies during this challenging time. Current neuroscience research offers facts, gives structure and brings valuable insights on ways to support ourselves, our loved ones, colleagues and community.

Part I: Understanding how our brain works under Covid stress and how we can box clever and thrive in spite of it in 2021. Designed and tailored specifically to share the science of finding our courage, inspiration and creativity, even in these challenging circumstances.

Part II: Un-clutter some long-held myths about how our brain works and thrives. Gain an advantage and a new perspective for 2021, through the latest exciting research on our everyday experiences, perceptions, emotions and predictions

The workshops are designed to be stimulating, interactive and fun; all you need is your Zoom, your curiosity and willingness to engage.

Childbirth Intensive Weekend with Mary Esther Malloy
Saturdays, March 20 and 27, 12 noon - 4:45 PM EST

In this childbirth preparation class expectant families meet over two weekends to prepare for a healthy, connected start to parenting. (March 20 and March 27 from 12pm to 4:45pm EST)

We explore:
-Building a labor-coping mindset
-Breathing and pain-coping techniques, as well as mind-focusing practices that help families work with the intensity of labor and any challenges that may arise
-Partner massage and labor support essentials
-Strategies for hospital, birth center and home births
-Resources for navigating cesareans and other interventions
-Your recovery and the stuff no one tells you

Please note that due to time considerations, this course will not cover breastfeeding. Interested families are encouraged to take Breastfeeding and Baby Care as an add-on.

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Spring Equinox Half-day Silent Retreat: Nourishing the Wood Element with Marije Paternotte
Sunday, March 21, 2021, 7:00 am - 12:30 pm EDT / 12:00 - 17:30 CET

Start Spring (the season of the Wood element in Chinese Medicine) reconnecting with your purpose in life during a half-day silent retreat. During this retreat I will offer various practices to foster stillness in your body and mind, allowing for clarity of vision and personal growth.

Practices will include some gentle movement, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Pranayama, and writing.

There will be a 30-minute break at 8:30 am EDT / 13:30 CET, and a few short breaks.
The retreat can easily be extended to a day-long retreat with self practice before or after (depending on your time zone).

All are welcome to join. Some yoga and meditation experience is recommended.

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Beginner's Vinyasa Workshop with Jyothi Behne
Sunday, March 28, 12- 2 PM EST/9-11 AM EST/6-8 PM CET

New to Vinyasa Yoga?
Needing someone to break down the basic elements of a flow-based practice?
Desiring time to ask questions and deconstruct certain postures?

This 2-hour Beginner's Vinyasa Workshop is for you!

Both for the true beginner as well as practitioners looking to review their postures and alignment, this workshop will demystify aspects of the Vinyasa practice, including:

* What is the difference between Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations) A, B & C?
* What do the cues "flow through your Vinyasa" or "choose your Vinyasa" even mean?
* Safety, alignment and personal agency in Chaturanga, Ashtangasana and other flow options.

Start the journey towards skill and confidence in your Vinyasa-based practice. For more information and to register, create a free studio BE account at this link.

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Breast Feeding and Sleep with Mary Esther Malloy
Tuesday, March 30, 6:30 - 8:30 PM EST

This course helps you prepare for the important work of helping a young baby thrive in ways that support breastfeeding and sleep (yes, sleep!).
We cover:
• breastfeeding essentials
• baby care and baby wearing basics
• special focus on low-stress nighttime parenting (good for parents, babies and breastfeeding)
We will touch on elimination communication, cloth diapering, signing with babies and other fun topics if there is interest.
Join us for a big-picture - yet practical - class on what this is all about: raising a child.

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