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Yoga + Yoga Philosophy
Govinda Kai
Sunday, November 14, 11 AM - 12:30 PM ET
$22 studio BE subscribers; $28 non-subscribers

A lively discussion about how Yoga and Yoga Philosophy are essential tools in the uncertain and unsettling times of the pandemic and these rapidly changing times. All are welcome…!

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Photograph of Govinda Kai with sunshine streaming behind him.
Join Govinda Kai to learn about Yoga + Yoga Philosophy in this time of rapid change. 

Stress Management
Jyothi Behne
Sunday, December 5, 9-10:30 AM PT. 12-1:30 PM ET, 6-7:30 PM CET
$25 studio BE subscribers/$32 non-subscribers

Welcome to this Stress Management Workshop to help reduce burnout and stress, increase resilience, and boost focus and creativity! Recognizing that - according to the American Psychological Association - chronic stress is linked to the six leading causes of death in the US, we will focus on techniques that you can *incorporate immediately* into your demanding work-life as well as everyday pressures of family and friends.

The first step in managing stress is understanding it. As such, this workshop will begin with a brief presentation about what stress is and how we commonly experience it. Afterwards, we’ll move into a short centering exercise to help us be more focused.

For the remainder of the session, we’ll focus on:

* accessible movement and stretching;
* breathwork and imagery; and
* deep relaxation and meditation.

Many of the practices that are offered in the workshop can be incorporated when you are on-the-move and in short, 5–10-minute, mid-day pauses. Remember: practicing stress-relieving techniques just a little bit on a regular basis will cultivate a foundation of balance and steadiness that helps you to manage stress more effectively.

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