Here at studio BE, we're proud to bring mindfulness into the 21st-century workplace, offering meditation, yoga, breathwork, conscious communication and professional development trainings that are both inspired by ancient practices and completely down-to-earth.

Our mission is rooted in inclusivity: that ALL employees, whether CEOs or grocery clerks, plumbers or professional athletes, should have access to these life-changing meditation practices. And that oftentimes the folks who could benefit most, like call center workers or certified nurse assistants, don’t get access to the same wellness opportunities that C-Suite executives do.

We want to change that.

By teaching in person, online and via virtual portal, we are bringing mindfulness to a diverse range of nonprofits and corporations. Our teachers share practical, wholehearted tools for well-being that are grounded in the “real world” stuff of 21st-century corporate life.

Take a few minutes with the short video below to learn more about who we are and what we're all about. We're so glad you're here.