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What is Mindfulness Training?

Industry leaders such as American Express, Ford, and Comcast have already added mindfulness training to their corporate culture.

Strong leaders need more than industry experience and business training. Now more than ever, true leadership hinges on an awareness of the present moment, an understanding of the inner-self and its relationship to the world around—in a word, mindfulness. Embrace what leadership means in the 21st century by learning to slow down, cultivate deeper connections with those around you, and enhance productivity and efficiency in your role.

studio BE provides mindfulness training to companies, non-profits, and individuals via the global reach of cutting-edge technology. We teach mindfulness skills to improve productivity, reduce stress, increase mental clarity, improve interpersonal communication, and strengthen resilience, ultimately reducing productivity losses to burnout, depression, and anxiety. As executives, mindfulness training can help you take your leadership up a notch, stay grounded in the midst of industry turmoil, and set your sights on a promising future.

Rooted in mindfulness, our Executive Offerings stand out. They offer practical tools for dealing with conflict, managing stress, leading cohesive teams, and creating office cultures that thrive.

Our Signature Training

Executive Signature Training

Our Executive Signature Training is specifically-designed for small groups, modified to suit your particular industry, and customized to work within your busy schedule. You can expect down-to-earth, practical tools grounded in ancient philosophy that will help you step into your best self as a leader, an innovator, and a well-rounded human being.

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Professional Enhancement Courses

studio BE specializes in corporate training integrating mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), psychological inquiry, emotional intelligence, conscious communications, and yoga asana (physical yoga poses) to midsize, enterprise, and global businesses through on-site visits and/or remotely through our innovative e-learning platform.

Emotional Intelligence

Training in Emotional Intelligence (EI) is crucial to creating strong, sustained, and engaged corporate cultures. In fact, the best, most supportive and most innovative corporate cultures are those within which its people have a high degree of emotional intelligence. The skills achieved when teams cultivate EI are invaluable at all levels of the organization. When rooted in mindfulness, our EI expands exponentially. This training explores the 5 qualities of EI, why they matter, and how to achieve and express them in all that we do.

Embodied Leadership

Strong and stellar leadership is less about what we say and direct others to do, and more about who we “are,” and how we “show up,” in our leadership. Embodied leadership is leadership that is less about doing and more about being. Central to this training is cultivating Presence, the role that non-verbal and para-verbal communication plays in leadership, and all the ways that our leadership expresses in and through the body.

Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership moves well beyond standard models of leadership. Transformative leaders are bold in their vision, vitally engaged in their interactions, compelling in their presence, and conscious in their communication. This series inspires leaders into new ways of thinking about how they lead, how they relate, how they self-present and how they communicate.

Managing Team Dynamics

Team dynamics determine the effectiveness, productivity, potentialities, and the longevity of a team. This advanced class explores how self-awareness, self-management, individual roles and styles of communicating shape team “climate.” Once aware of how teams evolve and work, participants can consciously alter and/or resolve team challenges, dilemmas, and conflicts. Teams that work well together and that are intentional in their functioning can lift corporate productivity to new levels.

The Innovator’s Mindset

Creativity and innovation cannot occur in a mind that is stressed, overwhelmed, fatigued, and distracted. The “innovator’s mindset” is one within which creative ideas not only flow freely but we are motivated to take the steps necessary to bring our creative ideas into full expression—and this is innovation at its finest. This series is ideal for those who wish to sell, market, and problem-solve at entirely new levels.

Conflict Resolution

This series begins by exploring participant’s conflict style, the roots of their style, and other possibilities for meeting and navigating conflict. Participants learn strategies for traversing the terrain of conflict with greater ease and confidence. The hallmark of this training is a needs-based approach to understanding human behavior and motivations, and a highly effective 4-step protocol for managing conflict peacefully.

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