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What is Mindfulness?

Industry leaders such as American Express, Ford, and Comcast have already added mindfulness training to their corporate culture.
There’s a reason for this: it works.

Mindfulness training is an investment in your employees’ holistic well-being. A regular mindfulness practice has the potential to transform your life, your work, and your relationships. One way to describe mindfulness is “the moment-to-moment awareness of what is here and now. Learning to move through the world in a mindful way can slow your life down, deepen your relationships, relieve stress, increase your well-being, and improve your professional productivity.

We offer many trainings depending on company and team needs, size, and progress in your mindfulness journey. All teams will start with our 8 or 16 week mindfulness training to improve team communication, cohesion, happiness, and productivity. After completion of a signature training, we offer advanced training to help you further your skills in important areas.

studio BE is proud to offer mindfulness training that is both inspired by ancient practices and completely down-to-earth. Our teachers will offer you practical, wholehearted tools for well-being that are grounded in the “real world” stuff of 21st-century corporate life.

Our Signature Training

Signature Training

Our Signature Training spans 8 or 16 weeks. It provides a broad foundation of mindfulness practices and philosophies in a series of one-hour training sessions to accommodate your busy schedule. Lessons are designed to make mindfulness meditation easily accessible and to assist you in becoming mindful in all areas of your life.

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Professional Enhancement Courses

studio BE specializes in corporate training integrating mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), psychological inquiry, emotional intelligence, conscious communications, and yoga asana (physical yoga poses) to midsize, enterprise, and global businesses through on-site visits and/or remotely through our innovative e-learning platform.

Teams that Thrive

Challenges and conflict in teams arise from dynamics that impact how and what we communicate, the actions we take, the ways we behave, and the degree to which we will reach and/or exceed our goals. This training exposes those dynamics that can sabotage team effectiveness and offers tools for repairing team rifts and for helping teams to operate at higher, more conscious levels.

Conscious Interpersonal Communication

This training offers a radical view of relationship rooted in consciousness, responsibility, and collective participation. Once exposed to this view, we come to see and live in our relationships very differently. Highlights of this training are: communicating from Presence, the art of dialogue, the significance of self-disclosure, empathic listening, establishing trust and ways to cultivate empathy and compassion.

Meeting Stress for Total Well-Being

In this training, we make an important distinction between “managing” and meeting stress. A stress assessment reveals areas of one’s life that need attention and tools for reducing the impact of stress on one’s whole being. Common workplace stressors are introduced, as are strategies for better “meeting” them.

Emotional Intelligence

Cultivating and strengthening emotional intelligence is central to one’s professional development, productivity and overall sense of fulfillment. This training introduces the 5 qualities of emotional intelligence and highlights the ways we can mature these qualities within ourselves.

Understanding & Managing Conflict

This training explores why we fear conflict and how we can come to see conflict as episodes that can spark creativity, opportunity, and expand our perspectives. Participants learn their conflict style and the factors that impact it. Additionally, participants are introduced to a four-step protocol for mindfully managing conflict in ways that diffuse reactivity and defensiveness.

Yoga at Your Desk

Breathe. Move. Stretch. Meditate. All at your desk. This training offers simple and effective practices to support comprehensive well-being at work. Experiential in nature, participants explore an array of breath practices, yogic movement, modified asanas (poses) and short meditations to support them in feeling well while they work.

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