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What is Mindfulness?

Industry leaders such as American Express, Ford, and Comcast have already added mindfulness training to their corporate culture.
There’s a reason for this: it works.

Mindfulness training is an investment in your employees’ holistic well-being. A regular mindfulness practice has the potential to transform your life, your work, and your relationships. One way to describe mindfulness is “the moment-to-moment awareness of what is here and now. Learning to move through the world in a mindful way can slow your life down, deepen your relationships, relieve stress, increase your well-being, and improve your professional productivity.

We offer many trainings depending on company and team needs, size, and progress in your mindfulness journey. All teams will start with our 8 or 16 week mindfulness training to improve team communication, cohesion, happiness, and productivity. After completion of a signature training, we offer advanced training to help you further your skills in important areas.

studio BE is proud to offer mindfulness training that is both inspired by ancient practices and completely down-to-earth. Our teachers will offer you practical, wholehearted tools for well-being that are grounded in the “real world” stuff of 21st-century corporate life.

Our Signature Training

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Introductory Workshop — In our introductory workshop, we’ll offer practical tools to inspire, connect, align, and nurture. We’ll take time to get to know you, ensuring that you and your leadership team feel at home with us, too. Learn all about studio BE’s free bi-weekly webinars, social media campaigns, our special attention to onboarding and engagement, and our unique Ambassador program.

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Professional Enhancement Courses

studio BE specializes in corporate training integrating mindfulness meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises), psychological inquiry, emotional intelligence, conscious communications, and yoga asana (physical yoga poses) to midsize, enterprise, and global businesses through on-site visits and/or remotely through our innovative e-learning platform.

90-Day Corporate Trial

Take the time to dive in and introduce your team to our custom platform. This three-month trial ensures enough time and space to make an impact in your employees’ lives and nurture life-changing habits. Our emphasis will be on cultivating engagement, aligning your team with dedicated teachers who’ll get to know them on a personal level, and curating the most relevant, useful content possible.

Essential Tools For Stress Management

Rooted in mindfulness, this down-to-earth program stands out. It offers practical tools for creating a happier, healthier you: managing stress, mitigating its physical symptoms like insomnia or back pain, and using meditation, breathwork, and simple yoga poses to counter burnout, anxiety and depression.

Yoga At Your Desk

Breathe. Move. Stretch. Meditate. All at your desk. This training offers simple and effective practices to support comprehensive well-being at work. Participants explore an array of breath practices, yogic movement, modified asanas (poses) and short meditations to support them in feeling well while they work.

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As your well-being partner, we’re responsible for staying ahead of the trends; it’s our job, not yours, to offer inspiring, timely practices. We work with you to create a fully-customized, functional platform that can be completely integrated into your company intranet so you don’t have to build it out yourself. Lean into all the resources we have within our faculty to find your virtual home, enhance your overall quality of life, and expand into the next level of true well-being.

Cultivating An Ecosystem of Well-Being

Here at studio BE, we envision overall well-being as a vibrant, interdependent ecosystem, weaving together physical, emotional, cognitive, relational, and social wellness. This program is custom-designed to help team members cultivate all five aspects of well-being, offering practical, relatable tools for building a firm foundation, creating connection, and moving from surviving to thriving.

Mind, Body, Breath: The studio BE Signature Series

Our signature training spans an 8 or 16 week timeframe. Taught by one of our expert faculty members, this series provides a broad foundation of mindfulness practices, simple yoga poses, breathing exercises, and practical tools for living and relating well in a series of one-hour training sessions to accommodate your busy schedule.

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