Welcome to 21st-century wellness: integrating ancient practices with a contemporary mindset

Why Mindfulness?

A regular mindfulness practice has the potential to transform your life, your work, and your relationships.

Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, increase mental clarity, improve interpersonal communication, and strengthen resilience.

The Studio Be Model

At a time when it’s easy to strip the soul out of ancient meditation practices, we're committed to keeping ethics, wisdom, and integrity at the heart of our offerings, while also being respectful of the many backgrounds, traditions and unique differences they share.

These themes reside at the heart of our programming. We curate all offerings to reflect them, aiming to enrich the lives of our students in a wholehearted, integrated fashion.

Empathy and Care

Compassion strengthens team relationships — especially when times are tough. We’re all connected.

Beginner’s Mind

Creativity and a spirit of learning are the heartbeat of innovation.


Engagement and participation are the keys to a strong team. When employees feel seen and heard, they’re happier at work. Period.


Strength meets softness — the perfect balance for getting things done.

How We Can Help

studio BE makes mindfulness training easy. Our corporate programs empower companies to move from a focus on superficial wellness to overall well-being. Using custom technology, we partner with clients to complete a needs analysis, integrate your most compelling wellness programs, then create a cohesive strategy that addresses the most pressing quality-of-life issues facing your teams today. Here’s the flow.

Embodied Mindfulness

Body-integration is an essential part of working with the mind. All of studio BE’s mindfulness teachers possess a strong background in yoga; many have taught yoga and mindfulness for decades.

Our curriculum emphasizes embodiment, designed with an inclusive spirit that features a variety of embodied meditation opportunities such as walking meditation, yin yoga, chair yoga, and office yoga, in addition to traditional seated meditation.

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We’re proud to be inspired by and aligned with the Insight Yoga Institute, led by the inimitable Sarah and Ty Powers.

Introductory Workshop

In our introductory workshop, we’ll offer practical tools to inspire, connect, align, and nurture. We’ll take time to get to know you, ensuring that you and your leadership team feel at home with us, too. Learn all about studio BE’s free bi-weekly webinars, social media campaigns, our special attention to onboarding and engagement, and our unique Ambassador program.

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Mind, Body, Breath: Signature Series

Our signature training spans an 8 or 16 week timeframe. Taught by one of our expert faculty members, this series provides a broad foundation of mindfulness practices, simple yoga poses, breathing exercises, and practical tools for living and relating well in a series of one-hour training sessions to accommodate your busy schedule.

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