Welcome to 21st-century wellness: integrating ancient practices with a contemporary mindset

Why Mindfulness?

A regular mindfulness practice has the potential to transform your life, your work, and your relationships.

Mindfulness has been shown to boost employees’ productivity, reduce stress, increase mental clarity, improve interpersonal communication, and strengthen resilience, ultimately reducing productivity losses to burnout, depression, and anxiety.

The Studio Be Model

Four themes drive our programming. We carefully curate all training materials to reflect these themes, aiming to enrich the lives of our students in a holistic, integrated fashion. At a time when it is easy to strip the soul out of ancient meditation practices, we're committed to keeping ethics, wisdom, and integrity at the heart of our offerings.


Compassion strengthens team relationships. We’re all connected.


When your team feels better, they work better. Simple.


Strength meets softness—the perfect balance for getting things done.


Holistic wellness launches your employees—and your business—to the next level.

How We Can Help

Mindfulness training is an investment in your employees’ holistic well-being. It’s a smart, savvy, and forward-thinking decision that will pay off in myriad ways in the years to come. We make it easy — including custom offerings designed with your team in mind. Here’s how.

Embodied Mindfulness

Body-integration is an essential part of working with the mind. All of studio BE’s mindfulness teachers possess a strong background in yoga; many have taught yoga and mindfulness for decades. Our curriculum emphasizes embodiment, designed with an inclusive spirit that features a variety of embodied meditation opportunities such as walking meditation, yin yoga, chair yoga, and office yoga, in addition to traditional seated meditation.

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Your whole self is welcome here: all aging, growing, tired, healing, living, loving bodies included.

Team Members

The exhausting pace, relentless demands, and nonstop stresses of 21st-century corporate culture have taken their toll. Burnout, depression, and anxiety are at all-time highs. Mindfulness training is a fresh, forward-thinking solution to this modern workplace malaise.

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Mindfulness is more popular than ever — and for good reason. Our methods are rooted in traditional Buddhist practices, which have been scientifically-tested, embraced, and implemented by major US companies. From CEOs to call center workers, we can all benefit.

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